Established in 2015, TRAP HOUSE CHICAGO, LLC. is a restorative justice-based streetwear brand, as well as a retail establishment committed to healing and transforming individuals, communities, and culture.


Our products and stores are designed to inspire thought and dialogue about social norms, our role, and our responsibility to transform ourselves and our own communities.


Our MISSION is to bring an end to the crime and violence in communities of color, in our hometown Chicago and throughout America. Our MISSION comes to life in our CRIMEDROUGHT Community Campaign.

Our VISION is healthy communities of color that flourish due to a thriving local economy and vibrant culture of wellness and wholeness. Our VISION comes to life in our efforts to open Concept Stores around Chicago and communities of color around America.


Our Concept Stores merge community organizing, community expression, and interactive retail experiences. The themes, focus, and activations very, and the core values remain - love, trust, and respect.

In all Concept Stores [001, 002, and 003] we hosted activations and featured installations relevant to the community's needs and desires. Each event has the common goal of healing, building, and strengthening relationships with self and others.

All Concept Stores 001 & 002 were both completely unused retail spaces. These spaces were built with the hands of the team, Youtube tutorials, and our creative vision with little to no build-out budgets.


Mashaun Ali Hendricks

Mashaun Ali Hendricks is a Chicago-based restorative justice expert, contemporary artist, and business owner. As a restorative justice expert, Mashaun specializes in providing training for community members most impacted by crime and violence and professional development for community services providers and criminal justice professionals.


As a contemporary artist, Mashaun uses the media of screen printing, design, concept stores, and interactive installations. His work purposefully uses paradox, irony, and subversive language to make statements about socio-economic conditions and opportunities to transform communities.


As a business owner, Mashaun owns TRAP House Chicago LLC.